Sunday, July 09, 2006

Helpful Hints About Robots

So, you may be wondering how to tell if someone is a robot or a human. Here are a few easy ways to tell.

1. Robots often have square shaped pupils, humans have round ones.

2. People usually have funny last names like Redmond, Smith, and Brown. Robots last names are usually numbers. For example, Shawltron 3000.

3. Robots use the metric system. People generally do not.

Those are the main ones, if you want to share other ways to ID robots, please submit a comment!


Anonymous Mikka Lomas said...

hah, thanks for the tips shawltron. I'll definitely be able to test out my theories on the neighbours with these. Square temples y'say...

11:14 AM  
Blogger p_lin said...

robots' farts smell like oil while human farts smell like rotten eggs.

10:07 AM  

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